Announcement from the RSE Board

Friday, 19 February 2021

At the 7th Rhetoric in Society Conference in Ghent, September 2019, the Executive Board announced plans to introduce a membership fee. With this fee we will be able to ensure the continued quality of RSE activities such as the RiS conference and the newsletter which keeps everyone up-to-date on rhetorical activities and news. We will also be able to increase our online presence and grow our international and influential network.

Rhetoric scholars are scattered across fields and disciplines. The RSE unites us and we believe it can become a strong Europe-wide, global and persuasive voice representing, supporting and promoting rhetorical research, scholarship and teaching. With the registration fee, you will help to make all this possible.

Below you can find more details of the membership fee and the fee collection procedure.

The RSE offers the following fee categories for a two-year membership:

€40 – Regular member (faculty)

€25 – PhD student and retired faculty member

This is less than €2 a month for faculty members. We believe it represents good value for members while enabling the Society to develop and to realise its ambitions.

Furthermore, as a member, you will:

  • be entitled to a reduction to the registration fee for the Rhetoric in Society conference
  • receive the regular RSE newsletter
  • take part in the wider RSE international community of scholars.

To confirm your membership, please join the RSE in the members’ section.

We look forward to welcoming you as a contributing member of the Rhetoric Society of Europe!

Best wishes,

The Board of The Rhetoric Society of Europe