Online Research Seminar 25 June 2021: The Audience Perspective in Rhetorical Research

Thursday, 27 May 2021

We kindly invite you to an online research seminar 25 June 2021, 15:00-17:00 CET, titled: The Audience Perspective in Rhetorical Research

Organized by the Leiden University Rhetoric Group (Leidse Werkgroep Retorica)

Moderator: Prof. dr. Jaap de Jong

What is the real impact of speeches on listeners? The active involvement of audiences in rhetorical studies has become more important than ever before. However, rhetorical research into the understanding and conceptualization of the rhetorical audience is scarce. In particular, little attention has been given to empirical explorations of actual audiences and the effects of speeches on these audiences. This research seminar will provide us with new ideas about the way in which rhetoric works as well as new methods for rhetorical studies.


  • Jaap de Jong (Leiden University) – Introduction: Effects of Informative Presentations, Ministerial Speeches, and Sermons
  • Jens Kjeldsen (University of Bergen) – Exploring Audiences Empirically
  • Olaf Kramer (Tübingen University) – Rhetoric and Perspective Taking
  • Henk te Velde (Leiden University) – Historical Reception of Speeches
  • Martijn Wackers (Leiden University/TU Delft) – Investigating Effects of Rhetorical Techniques: Opportunities and Obstacles
  • Discussion with all participants

If you would like to join the seminar, please contact Martijn Wackers via to receive the Zoom link and passcode.

Hope to see you all!