RSE Newsletter #2, 2017

Thursday, 01 June 2017

Dear members of the Rhetoric Society of Europe,

We present to you the second newsletter of 2017. We have a new featured publication, written by RSE-members Christian Kock and Lisa S. Villadsen.


The conference programme is here! That means you can start planning which sessions to attend, as well as find out when you are presenting. Also, you can start looking forward to three great keynote speakers. See the current draft by clicking this link.

Also, we remind you of the link to the conference webpage will be updated as the information is ready.

In addition to other calls, conferences and publications, we’ve talked to RSE board member and president of the Rhetoric Society of Europe, Jens E. Kjeldsen.

If you have any news that you’d like to share with the members, please just let us know!

Best wishes,

Magnus Hoem Iversen, on behalf of the Newsletter Team of the Rhetoric Society of Europe

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